Tree of the Month – Spiderleaf Japanese Maple

The Tree of the Month this April is the Spiderleaf Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum var. dissectum ‘Ornatum’)

The Spiderleaf Japanese Maple is a distinguished cultivar revered for its finely dissected, palmate leaves and compact growth habit. Long cultivated and used in traditional Japanese garden design, its delicate form embodies the essence of Japanese ‘wabi-sabi,’ epitomizing simplicity, harmony, and natural imperfections. Emerging a bronze-red color in the spring its foliage transitions to a rich green with a subtle bluish hue throughout the summer and ends the season with a breathtaking array of gold, orange, and crimson. Despite its delicate appearance, ‘Ornatum’ proves resilient, thriving in various light conditions with minimal care, ensuring its timeless beauty. This is especially true for two specimens found on the Main Lawn that were here prior to state ownership of Planting Fields, which have matured into a beautiful sight for all seasons!


From Rebecca Slagle, Historic Landscape Technician

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