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Become a Birder!

Find the feathered friends of Planting Fields in Birder Bingo! 

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Help the Pollinators

Learn how you and your family can help pollinators like bees! Click here for guided instructions to make a bee hotel. 

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Explore Planting Fields!

Take your family on an exploration in search of specific locations on the Planting fields site. See just how good you are at spotting particular plants, animals and landmarks!

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Learn about Pollinators 

The activities below highlight the plants and insects integral to pollination and why pollinators are so important through art-making, games, activities and fact sheets. 
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Click and download 5 Pollinator activities below!
Pollinator Criss Cross Puzzle
Musical Flowers
Fun Butterfly Facts
Pollinators Word Scramble
 Bee Happy Recipes June
Nectar Relay

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